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So, there I was - That's how every good sea story starts right?

Mollye and I were on Fremont Street Experience with one of my best friends and his wife last Thursday night - saw the light show and then went to The Plaza to play miniature golf and grab a couple drinks... We came out around 10 ready to get the party started and crossed the street back towards the experience - where there was a cover band playing The Beattles - Come Together (They were pretty good!). We stopped to listen for a few seconds,  no longer than a minute. As I turned around to head back to the group this guy facing towards the stage, steps to his right and bumps into me - intentionally I think now - and I look at him and kind of throw my hands up in that universal no-big-deal sign just to shrug it off and before I can do anything but make eye contact he swings... then he swings again.... it was so fast Mollye didn't even see me get hit, but when she noticed I was in trouble she came in to help - when he turned and raised a fist like he was going to hit her, she ran back to the police who were about 50 feet back at the street before the stage... I saw her running and followed. The EMTs were already there for a false alarm and saw I needed help when I started spitting out blood... The cops chased the guy and cornered him - he apparently begged for them to shoot and kill him - instead he got tasered for 20 seconds or so - supposedly really bad. At the hospital they took x-rays and saw my jaw was broken in two places - then sent me home after referring me to a non-tricare accepting oral surgeon. The Oral Surgeon wanted me to pick up my own x-rays from the hospital and be able to pay for any work the same day - and they wouldn't even talk with the CG or Tricare - only Visa, Mastercard or Ex-President Benjamin. Mollye called the Base Seattle medical clinic and told them what was happening - they jumped right into business and started the ball rolling. The Doc's were waiting for us at Nellis Air Force Base with open arms and they took awesome care of both me and Mollye - when they found out Mollye didn't have a ride back to the hotel from the AFB that night the Doctors Assistant took her in her own car after she got off work. I had drank an Ensure at around 12 on Friday morning and the anesthesiologists won't do any work on you if you haven't been food/drink free for 8 hours - so I had to wait until Saturday morning to go into Surgery. I was in the Step-Down unit next to the ICU for the next couple days - but now everything is looking good and I'm on track to be all healed up in no time!



February 2012

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