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Feb. 3rd, 2012


So, there I was - That's how every good sea story starts right?

Mollye and I were on Fremont Street Experience with one of my best friends and his wife last Thursday night - saw the light show and then went to The Plaza to play miniature golf and grab a couple drinks... We came out around 10 ready to get the party started and crossed the street back towards the experience - where there was a cover band playing The Beattles - Come Together (They were pretty good!). We stopped to listen for a few seconds,  no longer than a minute. As I turned around to head back to the group this guy facing towards the stage, steps to his right and bumps into me - intentionally I think now - and I look at him and kind of throw my hands up in that universal no-big-deal sign just to shrug it off and before I can do anything but make eye contact he swings... then he swings again.... it was so fast Mollye didn't even see me get hit, but when she noticed I was in trouble she came in to help - when he turned and raised a fist like he was going to hit her, she ran back to the police who were about 50 feet back at the street before the stage... I saw her running and followed. The EMTs were already there for a false alarm and saw I needed help when I started spitting out blood... The cops chased the guy and cornered him - he apparently begged for them to shoot and kill him - instead he got tasered for 20 seconds or so - supposedly really bad. At the hospital they took x-rays and saw my jaw was broken in two places - then sent me home after referring me to a non-tricare accepting oral surgeon. The Oral Surgeon wanted me to pick up my own x-rays from the hospital and be able to pay for any work the same day - and they wouldn't even talk with the CG or Tricare - only Visa, Mastercard or Ex-President Benjamin. Mollye called the Base Seattle medical clinic and told them what was happening - they jumped right into business and started the ball rolling. The Doc's were waiting for us at Nellis Air Force Base with open arms and they took awesome care of both me and Mollye - when they found out Mollye didn't have a ride back to the hotel from the AFB that night the Doctors Assistant took her in her own car after she got off work. I had drank an Ensure at around 12 on Friday morning and the anesthesiologists won't do any work on you if you haven't been food/drink free for 8 hours - so I had to wait until Saturday morning to go into Surgery. I was in the Step-Down unit next to the ICU for the next couple days - but now everything is looking good and I'm on track to be all healed up in no time!

Apr. 24th, 2010


Facebooks big flaw...

The "Like" button on webpages you visit, is simply a link - with the site info encoded into it that sends the info to FB...

I'm sure someone has already stumbled onto this simple fact, but spammers should easily be able to find a way to MAKE YOU "like" any site of THEIR choice, by simply redirecting your browser to that link prior to whatever site you're trying to load....

I'll play around w/ this once I get home and see if I can create the effect on my computer...

Granted it'll only work if you're already logged on to FB, but as large as the friend chain is, it'd work like magic for spammers....

If I confused you, I'll try to give an example here:
Step 0: Be logged on to facebook while browsing around (or don't log off facebook and continue to browse in the same browser session)
Step 1: Click on a webpage you're not familiar with (how many times does that happen/day)
Step 2: Unfamiliar page sends a simple redirect to the "Like" function for their website - while attempting to install some new virus...
Step 3: Before you realize what happened, 3% of your user base sees that you "like" the site you originally visited...
Step 4: They click to check it out...
Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 for all of their friends....

I can see this going over really well....
Stay Tuned!

Apr. 23rd, 2010


Time to feel the burn!

I've shaved off a couple inches (at least) and lost 3lbs (who knows how much muscle I've put on and fat I've burned - no access to an electronic scale...) but today I feel the need to push it...
So here's todays custom made burn out plan:

  Cardio - Stationary Bike - Level 11 - 40 minutes - Rolling Hills    
Abdominal Focus (60 seconds between sets)
2 Min Bicycle Crunches 3 15
30 Sec Exercise Ball Crunch 3 15
60 Sec Vertical Leg Crunch (Legs straight up & Crossed) 3 15
30 Sec Long Arm Crunch (Holding hands, Arms straight out behind head) 3 15
60 Sec Reverse Crunch (Cross ankles, bring hips towards ceiling) 3 15
30 Sec V Crunch (Legs extended, toes to ceiling, chest and legs to ceiling) 3 15
60 Sec Plank (Hold 40 Seconds) 1 3-5
30 Sec Side Plank (balance on forearm - crunch towards floor) 1 10-12
Resistance Focus (60 seconds between sets)
2 Min Tricep Machine (75lbs) 3 15
30 Sec Pec Fly (80lbs) 3 15
60 Sec Inner Thighs (80lbs) 3 15
30 Sec Outer Thighs (80lbs) 3 15
60 Sec Wide Grip Row (__lbs) (New!) 3 15
30 Sec Bench Press Machine (80lbs) 3 15
Now take the stairs back up to the apartment! (15 floors)

Then protein shake, shower and bed!
Wake - then enjoy the pain!

Apr. 22nd, 2010


(no subject)

I think I'm going to try to reduce my web presence...

FaceBook has opened some doors that kind of scare me... You can read about them anywhere - it's a pretty big deal...

I've already removed all of my facebook applications and will get rid of all my private info (cell #, address, e-mail etc...) because if someone want's to get ahold of me - they can do so through FB - they don't need any of that info.... Bye-Bye Myspace - you were outted long ago though...

What really gets me about the whole FB modernization is their decision to default user privacy restrictions to WIDE OPEN... If you don't navigate your way through their maze of settings pages, then Everyone can view your pictures, and basic info... And not just through FB - you can google someone and get this info too!

Now I need to google myself and find out how vulnerable I am to privacy invasion... And look up advice on how to achieve this goal without reducing it to zero....

The more I learn about web editing and server side scripting the more concerned I become with how easy it is for someone to steal my info - and yet it is still becoming easier and easier to put all of my info on the computer...

Nov. 6th, 2009


(no subject)

I really enjoy living on this rock...

Mar. 28th, 2009


(no subject)

The drinking hut got up to 65 degrees last night... 22 degrees warmer than the air around it... We had a kicking fire in there!

Mar. 16th, 2009


(no subject)

My left foot just started itching horribly.... I can't scratch it because it would involve taking my boot off on the watch floor...

Mar. 3rd, 2009


Writer's Block: More Island Time

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?

This would be damn near impossible... I have a lot of favorite books...
It'd have to be a series that was finished in 5 books or less - it'd suck to finish your books and wonder what happened next...

10 minutes later:
Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician series
The Tao of Pooh

Feb. 15th, 2009


About life....

It's been a while since Mollye made a post and I usually rely on her to tell everyone how things have been - so I guess it's up to me....

Contents of today's article:
The House
Lela's High Chair
Jason and Diane
Kimi and Mike

The House
So we were driving around a couple of weeks ago, scoping out "For Sale" signs and looking to see what was on the market, when we found this BEAUTIFUL (actually the color is horrible!) house w/ a big piece of paper on the front door that said it was a bank owned foreclosure... We looked it up on the internet and lo-and-behold the bank is asking $415,000 - they sold it to themselves for $525,000 (the value of the original mortgage + the second). We tossed around the idea of offering $300,000 and seeing what the bank would do. A national bank owns the house, and we both figure that w/ the economy the banks have enough inventory on their hands that maybe they are desperate... With that I scheduled a walk through of the house w/ the realtor we had met a couple weeks before when toying with they idea of buying a piece of property and putting a manufactured home on it. We talked with the bank this week about getting pre-approval - and they actually want to give us money! We'll have to come up w/ 5% or 15,000 plus closing costs (probably another 5k) but we'll have until May to do so (our lease isn't up until then and if we make an offer that will be one of the stipulations.
I immediately fell in love with the house. It needs work - a lot of work... Which could work out for us since it's enough that someone else may not want to buy it - and it helps to devalue the place.
It's a long friggin shot that we'd get this house - and if we got it - money would be tight, we'd be relagated to living in Seattle for longer than we had originally planned, and money would be TIGHT. But Mollye and I both think it'd be worth it, to live in this house.
So we'll see how things play out.

Short one here:
We had a fire (in the fire pit) on Friday night. Scott came over and we sat and drank some beer. I've come to the conclusion that sitting around the fire pit is good for my soul. It'd been too long since I've been able to stare into the flames and absorb some light and heat.

I've been qualified for about 4 months now and my rigorous schedule has paid off - I talked with the scheduler about cutting down on some of my watches so that I could have a more normal schedule (especially compared w/ the other guys) and he agreed. So in March I have only 8 watches, and I'll have to go in and day work (yay express buses!).

Lela's High Chair
We switched Lela out of her high chair into a booster chair after a recent night at the Jones' house in which Lela sat in a regular chair and ate her dinner like a big girl. It's made a hell of a difference in the amount of food that ends up on the floor! Yay!

I got a replacement motherboard from dad. It has no processor and no memory. I've got my fingers crossed that the components on my board are compatible - otherwise Mollye has pretty much kibashed the idea of getting a new computer. Sigh...

The Aerogarden is going strong, we've now got enough Cilantro that we could flavor a meal. The Jalapeno's are trodding along and the Tomato plant is over a foot tall already! I've had to raise the hood two levels so far to accomodate it. I've been pruning the tomato plant and from everything I've read expect it to flower soon!
The flowers in the pot (absorbing spilled light) are doing well - although their growth seems to have been stunted. I think I may not have been giving them enough water. Their soil was drying out rather quickly, so I put a clear glass over the pot to help retain some moisture while still letting light in.
The avacado didn't germinate. I got ansy and put the seed into a peat pot, and couldn't keep it wet enough for it's taste. I'll try again some day, but think I have my hands full for now.

Jason and Diane
Jason and Diane are coming! Yay!
We just found out that some of our closest friends are making the move from Key West Florida to just down the road in Oregon! We look forward to being close enough to visit on a long weekend and hope they are looking forward to it as well.

Kimi and Mike
Last night (Valentines day) we hosted Kimi and Mike and it occured to me how wonderful it is to live right down the road from people who enjoy us for us. They are an amazing couple and it's always great to hang out with them, whether it's sitting around the fire, chilling in the drinking hut, or even playing spades and hanging out inside - Kimi and Mike have proven to be great friends.
Note: I never had any doubt about this - but it's always nice when as a couple, you find a couple who you get along so well with. Know what I'm getting at?

That's all folks.

Feb. 14th, 2009



Gah! I have aphids in my flower pot! I wonder if that's Miracle Grow's secret to getting people to buy more garden stuff - .0001% of their potting mix is probably aphid larvae!

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